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Teen Sex Addicts Anonymous Not Really Anonymous

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Thursday, June 15th, 2006
3:10 am

hey i'm new here!!!! just joined... want to know what turns me on visit my memories... lots of stuff there... i'm bisexual and proud.... well guess that's it for now!!! -lates Maddie

current mood: cheerful

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Tuesday, February 1st, 2005
9:08 pm - so sex


its been almost a month since i last posted here... idk why tho :P so here it goes well im quite horney these days :P as any good teenager should be! it gets hard soemtimes.. with the lonely nights.. its been ...what how many months since ive had any play....3... WAY TO LONG! and some girl was all up in my grills acting like we were gonna tap.. then she falls off the face of the earth so to speak... i mean.. HOT AND CoLD is not a fun game if you are on the recieving end of it... so this girl... wow i see in school and i think of us almost kissing.. and we didnt! GAH and now i jsut wanna kiss her and she just acts like NOTHING happened..OBVIOUSLY something happened! GAH!



current mood: horny

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Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
9:44 pm - i meant as is... as is ..as is ..as is


tso here i am.. thinking wow high and dry like a waterfall...

when i master- debat i stop myself from thinking of you... cuz you fell off this earth what was it new years eve.. that was last like friday... its wednesday... sat, sun, mon, tues, wed, 5 days of no you... ouch... talk about hurt... its okay tho i guess it doesnt matter cuz im a sumo remember... check my lj if you dont... tis awesome... i mean even if you are gone my world shouldnt fall apart then why the heck does it feel like it is...


Suffering from withdrawl.....


current mood: my worlds about to fall

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Saturday, January 1st, 2005
2:48 am - hey sex addicts one question....

am i worth the risk... is it worth the chance of pain and possible heart ache to love me fer awhile?

current mood: high on life and tired

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Friday, December 31st, 2004
12:31 am - love and sex

they are bestfriends.... so basically sex needs love *remember sex.. my new nicname* so i now dubbed lil f love.... lil F new nicname =love... so sex and love go together.. dont hurt your friend sex baby!  we belong together and i will wait fer you!

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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
10:48 pm - ive got a new nicname...


well i gotz a new nicname and its SEX! bahahaha and its funny.. i love that nicname.. SEX bahahaha yeas! thought i should tell the sex addicts my new nicname is sex... BAHAHAHA yes... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! hope everyone gets some.. ikno i wont.. LOL

current mood: flirty

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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
10:46 pm - sex and the city...


lesbians making out...

rollin over in bed at 4 am wide awake craving your body

sitting in class watching the clock

whens the bell gonna ring

whens my phone gonna ring

when am i gonna hear your voice again?

when can i make you moan?

when can i touch you?

when can i let my hands run wild all over you?

why do i wish you were by my side every minute?

why are these sex innuendoes MAKING ME CRAVE YOU?

let me have you!

PLEASE you drive me crazy

i heart you

i want you

i need you

NAY baby please be mine!

I NEED MY LIL F! who the fuck am i kidding i need cristina.. shit that takes so much balls people can read this people can be all :O you are? and id be like if you saw this chick you would be too! SHYT girl i want you so bad it hurts my heart.. it hurts my head.. ishould be thinking.. school XMAS and snowboarding.. instead im thinking... doing you in schoool... getting you for xmas unwrapping you .... and doing you in the snow. .LOOK ALL YO!U i wanna hold you i wanna be with you.. let me let me let me.. PLEASE! i cant go on in this entry cuz i would die befo im finished.. so thats a snid bit

WAIT ill make this members only IF I CAN..i dunno but baby please... cristina.. wow your name... slips on my tongue..cuz its so tantalizing..... wow baby... im lost in you i cant make it members only so im guessing i dont care cuz i need to say your name.. its all over ny freaking agenda... i cant help it.. you are there in my head... your smell ... oh I GOTTA STOP!

current mood: flirty

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Monday, December 13th, 2004
1:54 pm - another community that rocks


anyone who reads this and who wants to join another amazing community...lol iain prolly wont want to but its called thefencesitters... check it out guys! :P we gotta find a way to promote this mother... :P yay mothers! lol


*im not a playa i just crush alot*

current mood: accomplished

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
5:43 pm - readin thru here.... and...


i was reading thru here and i was like at Nov. the 6th and it says that i cant be 100% faithfull well i dont believe tha no more! i just didnt love Owen.. i didnt love owen.. i thought i did ... but i mean i didnt... i wanted to clear dat up cuz yip im crazy :P

I LOVE YOU MAN! :P said in a drunk male kinda way :P


current mood: horny

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Friday, December 10th, 2004
10:10 pm - well then!


seeing as NO ONE but me posts in here... /reads it... i shall write in this and itll be like my private dealy Bahahahha so anywho... you are drivin me insane! up the walls! bonkers! if i knew more words... WAIT thesaurus.. ardent! enamoured! fanatical! wild! zealous! barmy! batty! ape! beserk! coocoo! daft! erratic! haywire! lunatic! mad! nuts! psycho! screwy! unbalanced! unglued! unhinged! wacky! Absurd! bizarre! LUDICRIS! eccentric! monkey! loony! shtick! mushy! odd! elated! ecstatic! rapturous! euphoric! jestinglyness! seriously!!!!! wowzers! i needed a thesaurus for that! LOL and now im on the  tele with my lil temptress... so i cant think hard enuff to post this! so anywhoooodddle im talking to G and we are discussing how you can tell if feelings are returned or not.. and we.. well me.. decided that you cant and you just gotta hope that they are cuz you never kno fer shure! so ive decided well i wont kno cuz... well i wont and cant right at this point in time so there isnt a point in this lil thinkin im having right now.. and if there isnt a point or any reason to it.. but what about all those reasons... THEY arent reasons those are concotions.. see there is a difference! so that is my 2 cents on that subject.. informative non? lol

lata guuys my leg hurts! :P

current mood: annoyed

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Monday, December 6th, 2004
5:06 pm - wow


obviously no one here likes SEX Like me! cuz man i thought this was a place for ADDICTS! I guess not! you pansies! am i the only one here who wants SEX 24/7 obviously! PATHETIC GUYS JUST PATHETIC you guys are pathetic!


current mood: flirty

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Friday, December 3rd, 2004
11:46 pm

i want some....

current mood: upset

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Sunday, November 28th, 2004
12:19 am - me and tommy here!


HEY me and tommy here... we are going to go to a gay bar together some day! and party it up! me and tommyl.. drunk and in a gay bar! PARTY!!! anyonme wanna cum.. look at us..BAHAHAHAHAHA we are hot bitches! lol cris im so pissed at you! grrr ditcher! GR! okay so im kinda tipsy and im horney.. but cris is being... herself.. grr which means.. grr... so anyway! i guess that means ill jsut have to do a pre bed watch removal activity! yay tommy will prolly do it when he goes home! sweet masterbation! lol im wearing a pimp hat! sweet! so yea.... im soo tired... lol and my dad was liek tommy should go home now and i wa slike yip and hes still here! bahahahaha i want some sex!  NOW im so horney! shit i want some now... i hate florida! but i wont do anyone else sooo too bad for me huh! okay gotta go horney dawgs PYCE!

Love ya!

current mood: horny and tipsy.. and tired..

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Saturday, November 27th, 2004
12:28 am - the party...

WOW so at the party me and mer were so scared during the movie and we were holding hands and jumping on eachother and all this stuff and i realized how much i miss chick action! i miss it! i want some now! but i cant necessarily have some at this moment. . it is just so complicated hitngs right now! i want to hold a chick i want to feel a chick and i want to do all the fun things you can do with chicks! i wanted to like i dunno just run wild! its so hard though grr! i was good though! nothing happened except that we held hands cuz we were scared! hand holding.. i want to make out with someone NOW NOW NOW! i jutst wanna! is that too hard! im wiating patiently though! ill be a good girl! well mostly :P lol! so yeah and i was leaning on ben after and i was just like leaning on him and then i missed boys,.. and their strength and how they act! all horney and non chalant! i missed it! bahaha it was a rocky night! and yea i was good though! i mean i didnt randomly hook up with people cuz like people tlak ya kno? plus it wouldnt be fair cuz they arent who i really want! so yeaH! and like i have 75$ laying around.. and so now i need to spend at least 32$ and then the rest is savings...and thats without the other 30$ im gonna make between now and holidays.... sweet cuz like.. that means ill have.... like around 53 $$ yay! im excited.. so ill put it in the bank and have some for holiday parties which wont cost me too much cuz i can and will get my rents to pay bahahaha yeas! im gonna finally have some extra cash... bahhahaha i kno i shouldnt be posting this but oh well and like i am gonn ahve to buy xmas presents but since i dont have a job *CUZ IM NOT ALLOWED/NO TIME!* my rents usually pay for alot of it... sweet! so extra money WOOT WOOT! im excited...

okay im damn tired
lata you sexy beasts.... i wanna tap one of you...IAIIN! just playing..;)
PYCE daisy

current mood: horny

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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
4:35 pm - again here i come to post!


SO im going to post once again cuz i just feel like it... my presentation went alright ..bahaha yeah and anyway on tto the sex.. i enjoy porn i have looked up porn hahaha tommy we are soo funny but one recomendation to all you pron freaks NEVER EVER look up tranny porn as a joke.. ewww grossest expierence ever! one thing that i hate is that when you wanna get some... from yourself..hahah you gotta take off your watch and what not.. thats such a hassal! and its like shit! i dont wanna go through that... but sometimes you gotta do it! lol sometimes=all the time! its insane... ya dirt squirrel... so yeah! im done now.... bahaha me and Ksenia were being dirty in french class.. hahah orgasm faces! bahaha i loved it hilarious! and thne we started innuendos outside the class! bahaha and i totally striped in french class ...ALLIE WATCHED ME... scray dirt squirrel.. whatver with a bod like mine its okay if people stare! i wanna have a dancing grinding party!!! I WANT IT...NOW! hahaha


im done lata porno freaks! u guys are funny! PYCE OUT

current mood: horny

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10:49 am - in school


yeah im def writing this in school hahahaha im psycho  and im gonna fail my french project because well im going to get nervous and forget some lines i can tell! hahaha that sucks... but htis community is awesome... yay i love it... i wish people in nepean were more into lik eexperiementing and more into like shit like that! cuz i mean i need so mad sex nbow! i just want some now.. i mean not even just sex but i want the things that lead up to it more kinda... cuz well ya see owen was  a hardcore prude.. never let me be me! so now i gotta learn.. being taught is aiigjt but i ean i would prefer to not have to learn.. im stubborn like that though i just wanna like know everything already! i guess its cool cuz .. i dunno its more fun but yea!  so ive been tlaking alot to matt these days... both c and l and like i dunno i keep hardcore hitting on matt and i dont even relaly like him.. i mean like yesterday i was all up on his shirt and undoing the buttons and giving him hugs and hardcore flirting... which was amazingly fun cuz me and matt well we go back! and then i saw madi and i remembered shit hes got a gf so i kinda stopped which was sad.. then i worked out with cullum and boys and that was fun! i love bwing the only girl with like 5 guys i feel so good about that! hahaha and lately.. ive been noticing tommy and katie getting it on.. like they are always like flirting.. she even touched his hair ... dirt squirrel! lol im joking tommys gonna read this too.. oh well... and lately i cant not look at all the asses that walk by me.. like now im looking at 3 grade 12s asses.. all male... and its intense.. i just... i dont kno what i want.. i guess i want someone to hold me! ONE THING I MISS THE MOST... making out.. i miss the whole tongue action i am a a make out fiend! i acctually love it .. if you can kiss please talk to me! lol its my fav thing.. also i miss benoit man... i miss how he would storke my arm when he wanted to kiss me.. i miss how he would dominate me.. like tower over me and take me in his huge arms and just hold me.. i miss how we used to talk ya kno? yea it was rocky at first and i wasnt sure but i wish he was still in OT cuz i miss him man.. like the way his small shag curled around his hat how he would listen to all my problems with my friends and then be like hey wanna go out and take your mind off it? i miss how we were like dating but bestfriends too... i miss just... i miss him! but i we never talk cuz he never even told me he was leaving! he never even wrote to me at camp... he never told me when i called him from camp... he just didnt! amd i miss how in grades 8 and 7 i was a huge pimp now im like a medium pimp and boys dont look at me like that right now.. girls do which rocks my socks.. but sometimes imissmyboys! yeah thats my story.......

so anyway im in school and i was thinking about some stuff as i read through lj and i was just like thinking.. im not gonna talk about what cuz i shouldnt be thinking about that anyway... but i wanna get hammered! ya kno get drunk at a party and like make out with people again! that was so much fun! i miss it! man i miss being like drunk and excited and like take me now.. and i wanna grind man.. i miss that too!

okay im about done.. just wanted to say that!

peace out O town

current mood: as always

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
1:39 pm - sex on the brain

wow lately  all ive been thinkin about is sex i really havent had good sex in awhile. i havent had bad sex either but i just miss doin stuff like i used to when i had a gf its kinda hard to explain but every person in college that i've kissed or donenething with has "in the head" been completely compared to my x. i feel bad doin that but it seems so hard cuz i liked the way she took it n boy i like to give so theres no prob there. i mean i like it when u can go over to a chix house n she just be layin in bed as if shes waitin for ya then she just ask u to join her in bed and then u do n garsh u gotta luv the lil give it to me now look that she used to pull on me. n yea even if she didnt do it i still gave it to her good. i wish i could have somethin like that again but i dont want her back i just miss all the sexual things we used to do and i want someone new to do them with. its kinda scary cuz i went to a gay club/bar this past weekend n some of my friends took me to the lesbo go go dancer section n i def got a hardcore lap dance from some striper whos name all my friends knew as karen cuz i guess shes like the hottest dancer n yea she def was. but yea i didnt even bust out my bills yet n she was all up on my junk it was so hott n it kinda scaredme cuz like i got so fudgin horney n just wanted to sex sumthin. i think i have sexual frustration from lack of female sex. cuz i guess i have the male sex down n i dont want it nemore for rite now at least i just want to have a really good mad hook up with a chic but i want it to be .........well im not really sure i think i want it to be with someone who i know i have a mental conection with to so its extremely good sex i really really cant wait to go home for xmas break good times will follow im sure. ;-) so yea thats my story about the striper n how i want her bod n how my friends are tryin to turn me gay but ok i just need to give sum luvin hardcore. fo sho!

current mood: do u even have to ask

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Friday, November 19th, 2004
6:07 pm - ggarsh! :P


write in here you guys! sheesh we need to start talking ab out sex and shit! we barely talk about it and this is a sex addicts community! so far we are failing! i blame .. well i dunno but we gotta write more GRR!

so more about sex... boys are silly espcially ben hes being so mean to me.. well in a playful way and i think its to impress meredith.. GRR he like rammed me up against a locker and it acctually hurt and he pinched my boob really hard HARSH! sheesh! so yeas thats my little story!

OOO im tired of people being so fucking judgemental.. fuck there have got to be like a few rumours about me circulating.. well fuck them im me and nothing else no other label works except ME! you cant place me in a catagory! i will be who i want when i want and if some retards dont like it... well you can shove it!!

okay thats not really about sex.. but ive been thinking about sex.. and about 4 weeks from now.. mmm together.. mm awesome combo! :P

lata chicas/chico and chica../ that sounds stupid so... lata GUYS


current mood: silly

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Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
10:18 pm - hmmm got some things on my mind about love. life. & sex.


So as i said i got some things on my mind, like how come im really bad with commitment! i mean look at me.. i get bored in relationships! no one can keep me for too long i hate it! i want to love someone so fucking much that i dont get bored! i want to get dumped for once! ive never gotten dumped! i mean who the fuck knows whats wrong with me! i want some sex and i want some love. i dont kno how to get it and keep it! i just wanna.. wanna work through my problems  i mean i just wanna ... be helped.. i feel weird right now.. like im some kind of slut or soemthing.. cuz i mean people see me as a sex crazed hyper child! ya sex is vurrry important but its not everything friends to lovers! its always like that and i lose friendships! anywho this sounds a lil sad.. and maybe i am a lil sad right now.. acctually scratch that im not sad im just being weird! i feel weird inside! like i need something or someone but they are just outta my reach and i cant reach them...

another problem i have is that i expect people to think lik eme.. i kno im crazy.. but maybe.. maybe im not... someone.. out there has gotta understand me... someone has too! does anyone understand me.. i mean i love sex i do but people think thats all that i am!! i dunna like dis mates! someone gimme a hug and some loving hardcore loving.. like someone who will just like.. fuck i dont even kno.. someone who will do what i have never done before someone who will push me! break my bariors let me be me.. without ..

this is really off topic but i didnt wanna post int he other lj.. wow.. erm.. sorry mates

as someon i kno would say garsh :P

lata guys

daisy.. someons just love me through my fualts!

current mood: dirty

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Monday, November 15th, 2004
1:42 am - touch me touch me kis me sqeeze me

hi im cristina and i've been a sex addict for about 5 years now. hehe ok this isnt saa is it. darn wrong room. ok ill stop being a dork now. but ok here we go. sex is fun sex is good sex is awsome sex feels good sex is amazing sex is here sex is there sex is in my head but why is there no sex in my bed? i havent had girl sex in what seems like forever. i miss it i have a lot of sexual frustration i think cuz the littlest thing makes me wanna cream my pants now. i really think rose is awsome and lately she is one of those little things. i really hope i get a chance to meet her in december.she is so funny and adorable and makes me smile and turns me on with her lil web cam ways. *SMILES* ok tata 4 now

current mood: horny as usually

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